How To Apply

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Send the following documents to [email protected] - we only consider applications through this email and not through any other channels.

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter (WHY do you apply for Bepro and this position?)
  3. Portfolio (Optional) </aside>

About Us

About The Role

As a Network & Infrastructure engineer you will be responsible for developing and managing Bepro’s fixed camera which is installed all around the world and connected to our cloud server, and Bepro’s portable camera which is an embedded AI solution.

In particular, you will have opportunities to engage in one or all (if you want) of following topics:

  1. Developing an infrastructure to remotely control and manage fixed camera systems installed in sports facilities.

  2. Developing an embedded server to control and manage portable camera systems and AI software based on users’ actions.

  3. Developing Bepro camera network API to process high resolution videos and enable smooth and efficient streaming of these videos in real-time. → This job is for those who would like to dig into computer network and video processing fields.

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