How To Apply

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Send the following documents to [email protected] - we only consider applications through this email and not through any other channels.

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter (WHY do you apply for Bepro and this position ?)
  3. Portfolio (Optional) </aside>

About Us

About The Role

As frontend developer, you will be responsible for Bepro's React based products: (1) Bepro Web Workspace (2) Bepro Editor and (3) Bepro Data Collection Centre jointly with other fellow frontend developers.

Bepro Web Workspace is a place where users can access their videos and data with a PC. Through this platform, users are able to navigate wherever they want and utilise the information with a wider view compared to our mobile platform.

Bepro Editor is a video editing tool for sports. Through this service, users are able to cut video clips that are meaningful in a tactical perspective, draw graphics on it to visualise their ideas, and share them with their coaching staff or players.

Bepro Data Collection Centre is a place where our certified and authorised data analysts are collecting official action and position data through source videos.

The key philosophies of Bepro products are to be intuitive and user-friendly so that even users who aren't familiar with IT devices can take advantage of the services. We are obsessed with this seamless user flow and customer communication.

You will experience helping sports teams win the games, develop them to the next level, and be a part of the journey to change the entire sports landscape.